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Dr. Slump


Dr. Slump Vol. 18: Dr. Slump, Volume 18

Dr. Slump, Volume 18

Dr. Slump Vol. 18

Final Volume!It's a race to the finish line (and not just figuratively!) in the final volume of Dr. Slump! When Taro graduates from high school, he decides to get a job with the Penguin Village Police Department. But first he'll need to earn his driver's license--and what better test of driving skill could there be than another Penguin Grand Prix? Akira Toriyama hosts the race to send Arale and the gang off with a bang!


Dr. Slump Vol. 1: Free Preview!!

Free Preview!!

Dr. Slump Vol. 1

Read the first chapter of Akira Toriyama's Dr. Slump here for free!!
20 Pages
Dr. Slump Vol. 1: Dr. Slump, Volume 1

Dr. Slump, Volume 1

Dr. Slump Vol. 1

Basking in the glow of his scientific achievement, Senbei scrambles to get Arale in working order so the rest of Penguin Village won't have reason to suspect she's not really a girl. But first Senbei needs to find her a pair of glasses and some clothes...
185 Pages
Dr. Slump Vol. 2: Dr. Slump, Volume 2

Dr. Slump, Volume 2

Dr. Slump Vol. 2

It's business as usual in Penguin Village: an alien arrives on Earth in hopes of becoming a superhero to the weakling humans, a bank robber tries to kidnap Arale and baby Gatchan, and Arale wrecks the town police car--again!
Dr. Slump Vol. 3: Dr. Slump, Volume 3

Dr. Slump, Volume 3

Dr. Slump Vol. 3

Will an alien invasion of Earth hold Arale's attention? Will she ever be her loopy self again after a cricket shorts her brain functions and turns her into a normal girl? And what will the local police station do, now that she's started turning in lost-and-found items that nobody wants found--like poop?!
Dr. Slump Vol. 4: Dr. Slump, Volume 4

Dr. Slump, Volume 4

Dr. Slump Vol. 4

A horrible one-eyed monster attacks Penguin Village, but when Arale comes to the rescue the cops get even more nervous! And the author of Dr. Slump himself pays a visit and challenges the villagers to a game of "kick the can." The prize? Mr. Toriyama will draw whatever the winner wants!
Dr. Slump Vol. 5: Dr. Slump, Volume 5

Dr. Slump, Volume 5

Dr. Slump Vol. 5

In a special dramatic episode of Dr. Slump, Senbei, Arale, and friends try their hand at law enforcement--with predictably hazardous results. And when Peasuke loses his heart to a tall sixth grader, Arale uses the Big-Small Ray Gun to make her small--so small that they lose her in the grass!
Dr. Slump Vol. 6: Dr. Slump, Volume 6

Dr. Slump, Volume 6

Dr. Slump Vol. 6

Dr. Slump literally goes silent for a night when Senbei finds himself trapped in a nightmare involving poop. And the maniacal Dr. Mashirito creates the world's strongest robot, only to learn that Arale is even stronger. Not to be outdone, he decides to attack Arale when she takes off her glasses and becomes defenseless...
Dr. Slump Vol. 7: Dr. Slump, Volume 7

Dr. Slump, Volume 7

Dr. Slump Vol. 7

Senbei plays the lead role in a musical retelling of "Cinderella" and must make a dash for the not-so fairy-tale ending when Toriyama runs out of pages! And Arale learns the joys of sticking toothpicks into octopus snacks. A rampage of poking ensues, much to the dismay of Senbei, the local cow, and the moon.
Dr. Slump Vol. 8: Dr. Slump, Volume 8

Dr. Slump, Volume 8

Dr. Slump Vol. 8

In the epic "Penguin Village Wars," Arale and friends must battle the forces of evil: two alien buttheads and a megalomaniac armed with robotic poop. Elsewhere, Senbei's helper robot force-feeds him ramen, a carjacker refuses to ride with bad drivers, and a miniature house controls destinies in the real world.
Dr. Slump Vol. 9: Dr. Slump, Volume 9

Dr. Slump, Volume 9

Dr. Slump Vol. 9

Is married life all that it's cracked up to be? For Senbei, the answer will have to wait, because his new bride, Midori Yamabuki, has been whisked away by some cats in a flying canoe. And they aren't the only ones after her. Will our star-crossed couple survive the honeymoon to end all honeymoons?


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When goofy inventor Senbei Norimaki creates a precocious robot named Arale, his masterpiece turns out to be more than he bargained for!

By: Akira Toriyama