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Basara Vol. 27: Basara, Volume 27

Basara, Volume 27

Basara Vol. 27

Final Volume! In this special collection of side stories, join Sarasa and Shuri after the war, as they rebuild Japan and travel the world together. In the distant Huang Empire, Sarasa is infected with a fatal disease--but will Shuri betray the Huang Emperor to save her? And when the new Japanese government is beset with turmoil, it's up to two children to convince a reclusive hermit named Hayato to lead his country.Finally, Yumi Tamura offers a glimpse of life before the apocalypse...before the ruined world Sarasa knows...before the beginning of Basara!


10-19 20-27
Basara Vol. 1: Free Preview!!

Free Preview!!

Basara Vol. 1

Read the first chapter of Yumi Tamura's Basara right here for free!!
56 Pages
Basara Vol. 1: Basara, Volume 1

Basara, Volume 1

Basara Vol. 1

Basara is a post-apocalyptic fantasy adventure series and one of the most popular shôjo manga of the 90s in Japan. It is the story of how a young girl becomes "the child of destiny" and finds the stgrength to free her people and seek revenge for the death of her brother.
Basara Vol. 2: Lessons In Leadership

Lessons In Leadership

Basara Vol. 2

After losing her family, village and identity in one night, Sarasa deserves a break, but fate denies her rest. As Tatara, she must lead her people, and the Red King has captured some of them, destined for slave labor in the capital of Kyoto. When Sarasa's impatient desire for revenge against the Red King spoils the rescue attempt, she loses more loved ones. After this terrible lesson, Sarasa is unable to continue risking the lives of those who are dear to her. Alone, she heads to Kyushu in search of allies, but to get to Kyushu, she must first pass through Suo City, capital of the Red King's domain!
Basara Vol. 3: Basara, Volume 3

Basara, Volume 3

Basara Vol. 3

Accepting the identity and responsibility of the "Boy of Destiny" following her brother's death, Sarasa has left her people in safety, traveling alone to Kyushu in search of allies. After surviving great perils and gaining a new companion, Sarasa arrives at her destination only to discover it's no longer there!
Basara Vol. 4: Basara, Volume 4

Basara, Volume 4

Basara Vol. 4

Secretly taking her late brother's identity, Sarasa must gain support as the "Boy of Destiny." Her courage and quick wits have turned the pirates who captured her into allies and an impossible situation into victory. Now she must survive an erupting volcano and a tenacious enemy.
Basara Vol. 5: Basara, Volume 5

Basara, Volume 5

Basara Vol. 5

Secretly taking her late brother's identity, Sarasa must gain support as the "Boy of Destiny." Remarkably, she and her followers not only survived being surrounded by the Red king's forces, they emerged victoroius. Now Sarasa and Shuri have been captured on their way to the Blue King's capital.
Basara Vol. 6: Basara, Volume 6

Basara, Volume 6

Basara Vol. 6

After Sarasa and Shuri are separated in the flood, a shocking battle takes place and important secrets are revealed. In Seiran, Sarasa helps the rebels with the flood recovery effort and is reminded that no matter how hard she pretends otherwise she is still an ordinary girl. Asagi stages his own mock execution and Sarasa saves him. He is taken back to the ship where Nagi nurses his wounds, but Sarasa begins to suspect foul play.
Basara Vol. 7: Basara, Volume 7

Basara, Volume 7

Basara Vol. 7

The Red King's forces have been defeated. The twisted Blue King is dead. Just as the rebellion gains momentum, shocking news distracts Sarasa--her mother is alive and General Kazan's prisoner! Setting their larger goals aside, "Tatara's" allies unite in a quest to rescue Tatara's mother.
Basara Vol. 8: Basara, Volume 8

Basara, Volume 8

Basara Vol. 8

The attempt to rescue Tatara's mother was a disaster. Warned by Asagi, General Kazan set up an ambush. Although Kazan died, so did many of "Tatara's" allies. Not only did Sarasa fail to rescue her mother, she was blinded. Can Sarasa regain her clarity when she has lost her vision?
Basara Vol. 9: Basara, Volume 9

Basara, Volume 9

Basara Vol. 9

Sarasa has been blinded, and the Red King's rule has finally been torn apart by outside influences. Now both find themselves in Okinawa--she to heal her eyes, he to heal his soul.


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Born under a prophecy that will liberate and unite Japan, Sarasa has had to take her brother Tatara's place as the "Boy of Destiny." Fighting for the oppressed, Sarasa journeys across Japan to gain allies and defeat her enemies--all while keeping her identity a secret!

By: Yumi Tamura